8-Bit Trek T-shirt Design

8-bit Trek

8-bit Trek

8-Bit Trek, August 2012

Mighty Fine t-shirts is having a contest for Star Trek T-shirt designs.  I found that this was a perfect opportunity to combine two of my favorite childhood passions…. Star Trek and Legend of Zelda.  Fun tidbit about me… I’m a bit of a trekkie.  When I was a kid, I was anti-cool for running a Star Trek comic that we photocopied and handed out to the other nerds… Consider it my geek cred.

Either way, I had always joked during the original series (in a badly mocked Scotty voice) when Kirk was gathering people for his away team.  “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these!”  This is, of course, a play on the original Legend of Zelda game “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!” when you get the sword from the old man.

This was created in Photoshop using my technologically advanced 1px square brushes.  I cheated with the colors a bit, so it is actually 16-bit, but I wanted to get it as accurate as possible with the Star Trek uniform colors.  (Only true nerds like me will notice it, though.)

Click on the link or picture to view the page on Mighty Fine’s website. Remember to vote and share if you like it!

8-Bit Trek T-shirt design. “It’s Dangerous To Go Alone!  Buy This.”


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