UDK Level “Flood Gulch”

video Info
  • Flood Gulch, March-May 2011

    Created in UDK for Game Development Class as my final project.

    My concentration was on level design, environment design, and lighting effects. Because I wanted to work on those concepts, I did not spend much time creating original models. On the last day of the semester, there was an open ‘arcade’ where we could showcase our games. Out of 12 different game levels (and twice as many players), mine was voted as best from my classmates, instructors, and peers.

    About 75% of the models were bundled with the Unreal Development Kit as free-to-use by Epic Games. Using various techniques, I appropriated the remaining 25% models from other UDK games, mostly Unreal Tournament 3 and Republic Commando. It was not a straight ‘rip’, because I had to rebuild the mesh detection, lighting, and bitmaps for each individual object in 3Ds Max. This gave me a good look ‘under the hood’, which was not required under the project specifications.

    As you may have surmised from the name, I took my inspiration for this level from the classic Halo level, Blood Gulch. I wanted to create something fun, but while looking good at the same time.

    Here are some details on specific areas in the level:

    Fuel Bunker

    Fuel Bunker

    This fuel bunker is the Blue Team base during team-based events. The layout used was detailed in a tutorial for an older Unreal level editor, one that was bundled with Unreal Tournament 3. Therefor, I did not have all of the available resources while building it. I had improvised, making a base with a lot of details that would not clutter up gameplay.

    Mining Facility

    Mining Facility

    The mining facility is the Red Team base during team-based events. I made a really cluttered level with moody lighting. This is one of my favorite areas in the level, especially because of the sound cues that I used. The tunnel from the mining facility to the main play area was challenging to make, but worth it.

    Rocket Lake

    Rocket Lake

    There is nothing like having a rocket fight on bouncing platforms. The lighting on the platforms was a challenge to create, but the effect looked really cool underwater.

    Sunset after Deathmatch

    Sunset after Deathmatch

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